Happier individuals,
happier communities.

Innovating emotional intelligence
in your work and life.

Do you hear the heartbeat of the collective?

Group emotions have shared affective concerns and attitudes, understanding them can help address them accordingly.

What can Feelenial do for you?

With the creation of a tool that measures emotions of collective groups through technology such as artificial intelligence, we make sure to contribute to the well being of people based on the understanding of their emotions from the individual to the collective, in an objective and annonymous way.

The Real You.

Empowering humans

People are the most valuable assets, empowering them leads to greater talent retention and image of any organization

(KHI) Key Happiness Indicator

While there is a measurement for company’s success, KPI, there is currently no measurement for a company’s happiness. Feelenials is helping companies establish the Key Happiness Indicators (KHI) of their companies.

Global Wellbeing

Emotions are what create the human experience, investing in them will allow for a more holistic wellbeing for a global society

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